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brian Finnegan


'Enthralling'- The irish times

1983 - the summer of ABBA, first love and shared secrets for four teenage friends high on life and music.

Over three decades on, when Maggie decides to reform the old crowd for an ABBA reunion concern in Stockholm, much has changed.

Mother and wife Maggie is coping - alone - with life-shattering news. Daniel, once a major pop star, now a recluse, is reluctantly back in the limelight, and wants nothing more than to escape. Once-wild Dee is a force to be reckoned with in the boardroom, but her marriage tells a different story. And for Charlie, personal happiness has come at a heart-breaking price.

As each is about to discover, old friends know you better than anyone. And sometimes, you have to reconnect with who you once were to find out who you can be, if you're just willing to take a chance...


Five colleagues. One dreadful day. And the biggest shock of her life for high-flying career girl Katherine Casey, who'd believed she was safe from the job losses coming to Qwertec Solutions.

The mood is sombre as she and devastated ex-colleagues gather in the pub. But a few drinks later, with the discovery of a shared passion for the silver screen, things begin to look up. And the Forced Redundancy Film Club is born.

Over a year, Katherine, along with office oddball Alice, stressed out mother-of-three Lisa, professional sorrow-drowner Martin and cheating-heart Jamie meet up each month to watch their favourite classic films.

As they journey through CasablancaBreakfast at Tiffany'sThe Wizard of OzWhen Harry Met Sally and many others, each faces their own personal challenges: from negative-equity hell to heartache, loneliness, toddler-strife -- and the wrath of a certain bunny boiler. And each finds comfort in the one place where they're guaranteed a happy ending.

But will the dreams they dare to dream every really come true? Only time will tell...



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'a cracking
good read' 
 irish independent
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'frank, moving
and engaging'  
sunday times
'transparent, raw and touching'  
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